International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering

The International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering is a research organization established in 1987 as a partnership of the Polytechinal University of Catalonia – BarcelonaTECH and the Government of Catalonia. The research carried out by CIMNE in computational mechanics covers a wide spectrum of topics ranging from classical engineering fields such as civil, mechanic, aeronautical, environmental, naval, marine and offshore, food, telecommunication and bio-medical engineering. CIMNE employs some 250 scientists and engineers who work in the different offices of CIMNE around the world.

CIMNE began in 2006 a fruitful cooperation with China. For several years CIMNE has developed a series of alliances with some of the most prestigious scientific institutions in China, including Peking University, Tsinghua University as well as with several research centers of the Academy of Sciences of China, among others. Resulting from these alliances CIMNE has been involved in research activities in China in the areas of natural disaster prevention, aeronautics or civil infrastructures. In addition, CIMNE is holding the administrative secretariat of RICE.

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