Quiroga, Elena
PhD Student, Earth System Science-Environment. Taipei, Taiwan-Academia Sinica-National Taiwan University Elena Quiroga

Elena has graduated in Engineering and the Environment from Imperial College London (United Kingdom) and Antonio de Nebrija University in Madrid (Spain).


Passionate about the environment, Elena has developed her early professional career at the International Center for Small Hydropower in Hangzhou (China); followed by a placement at the European Small Hydropower Association in Brussels (Belgium). During the last 5 years, she has been working in Corporate Sustainability where she could boost innovation projects with a positive impact on the environment or deal with Climate Change mitigation strategies.


Elena is currently pursuing her doctoral studies at the National Taiwan University in Taipei within the College of Science at the Earth System Science Department. She has been awarded the Academia Sinica Taiwan International Graduate Program scholarship for this purpose. Her research interests are related to Atmospheric Science with a focus on air pollution and its health-related effects on rural aging communities.